Basic Sealcoating Guide for Consumers

Asphalt is made of three main ingredients: stone, sand and oil. The oil is the “adhesive” that keeps the sand and stone together. Sealcoating seals the oil in the mix and inhibits the sand and stone from falling apart. Without sealcoating, the oil evaporates from the asphalt, and the asphalt deteriorates.

Alphalt should always be black, not gray or white. The lighter the color of the asphalt the higher amount of oil that has evaporated from it.

All sealers come in bulk and must to be cut with water. DAMICO PAVING uses only the best sealer and cuts it with the very minimum amount of water. We then add sand and chemicals for thickening, which gives the sealer extra durability to protect the asphalt, keep it strong, and extend its life.

BUYER BEWARE! Sealcoating is notorious for having unreputable operators in the industry because anyone with a small tank and a brush can call themselves “sealcoaters”. The problem is that you won't know about the product they are using until it washes away, gets all over your house, sidewalk, garage door or vegetation. A bad application with an inferior product can ruin your asphalt—We’ve seen this hundreds of times.

Reasons why it is better and more cost effective to have DAMICO PAVING apply the sealcoat:

• We only use commercial grade products that are not available to the general public.

• We have the proper tools for the best and cleanest application, and we are professionals in our field. DAMICO PAVING will make your asphalt look its best and add years to
its life.

• Time is money and it takes a homeowner hours to sealcoat asphalt. By the time you buy the sealer and brushes and ruin your shoes and clothing, it is usually far less expensive for DAMICO PAVING to do the job. And, there are no worries because we guarantee all of our work.

• We are licensed, bonded and insured!

If you have any questions, please call us for answers. It would be our pleasure to address your concerns.




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